About Biblical Geographic

Biblical Geographic is an attempt to provide insights into the places of the Bible. The site provides rich photographs, maps, and pithy descriptions of the main features of Bible places. It is an adjunct to the periodic publication BIBLICAL GEOGRAPHIC, and a useful insight to tours provided through LOSTCAMELS EXPEDITIONS

Other reader’s photographs and information are encouraged, please contact lostcamels.tours@gmail.com for further information.

Upcoming links from each blog location entry will forward the reader to additional photographic galleries of the item of interest, and people visiting Bible lands may download their pictures into these galleries.



8 thoughts on “About Biblical Geographic”

  1. Jean O'Connor said:

    great site, thank you

  2. Very beneficial to see the land of Israel and other nations mentioned in biblical prophecy for those of us who haven’t had the blessing of visiting these places but for the spiritual benefits of ourselves and others would love to learn more about. Really helps the biblical accounts take on a whole new meaning when you can visualise the areas easier…..

  3. i would like to publish one of your photographs in our book. whom do i have to be in touch in a matter of publication rights?

    • Dear Naama
      Happy for you to publish a single photo if required. Please include a reference to the authorship of the photo and send a copy of the details of the book to the blog.

  4. Paul Brunton said:

    Dear Avi,

    I have recently written a book called “A Journey to Faith” which follows the genealogy of the Bible from the time of Abraham through to the time of Jesus.

    I have been looking for a photo of Riblah, when I came across your photo on your blog. It is to be used in conjunction with the events concerning King Zedekiah and Nebuchadnezzar II to bring life to the location for the reader.

    I am writing to ask for permission to use this lovely image and will credit the image directly underneath the photo to Biblical Geographic (biblicalgeographic.com) or in a manner suitable to your requirements.

    I look forward to hearing from you – kind regards, Paul Brunton.

  5. darcie holcomb said:

    What is your photo permission policy?

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