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Ain-musa is the traditional tourist site for Marah in northern Sinai.  The location appears to be too far north to match the crossing point from the basin south of Suez, the Piharaoth (the mouth of the gorges) that entrapped the children of Israel with no apparent escape.  Marah is more likely to be found in wadi Gharandal further to the southeast from ain Musa. This would correspond with the three days journey of around 15-20km further south, Num 33:8,9.

Marah was a dramatic demonstration of the value of sweet waters through the bearing of a tree on the shoulders of Moses. This pictorial demonstration of the crucifixion should have demonstrated the presence of the deity within the nation to supply the method of salvation.  Marah, the place of bitterness Ex 15:23, has the same name as the Lord’s mother Mary and spoke of all the results coming from human nature and the conscious decision to sin. The answer to the dilemma is to obey the voice of Deity and have faith in His operation Ex 15:26.

Today ain-Musa is visited less due to the turmoil in Egypt, and is a dingy tourist stop on the tarmac heading south deeper in Sinai. The roaring of trucks and occasional car was all that interrupted the quietness of the location.