Mont Saint Michel

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This iconic, impregnable fortress, with the strongest tides in Europe, rises above the sea on a rocky outcrop just 1km off the Normandy coast in Northern France. The outline of this place can be seen from quite a distance and its splendid architecture becomes obvious as you approach. After Paris, it is the second most visited site in France and an international historic place of pilgrimage. It is also depicted in the Bayeux tapestry showing the Norman conquest of England in 1066 AD.

The legend attached to Mont St Michel is that the Archangel Michael appeared to St Aubert the bishop of Avranches in 708 AD and told him to build a church at this site. St Aubert did not listen until Michael burned a hole in the bishop’s skull with his finger! What nonsense!

But what does the Bible tell us about Michael?

Michael is an angel and his name means who like to El (God). He is the prince or captain of the God’s host who appeared to Joshua, Josh 5:13-15, and had been appointed over Israel in the wilderness, Ex 23:20-23; Isa 63:9. He was called Michael because God’s name or power was in him. He is seen as being the protector of Israel in Dan 10:13,21. This role is only to be until the Lord Jesus Christ returns to whom will be given dominion over Israel and the whole earth , Heb 2:5.

Michael the angel is not be confounded with Michael the Great Prince who appears at the epoch of the resurrection Dan 12:1-2. Jesus is this Michael, the Great Prince who comes to redeem his people and their inheritance and to break in pieces the oppressor at the time of the end.

The other occurrence of Michael is in Rev 12:7. Revelation 12 is a picture of the reign of Constantine, and as a typical Michael he secured victory over paganism. The Christians of his day saw in these events the time of the establishment of God’s Kingdom.


      a type of

1. Established his Kingdom in its fullest extent on the ejection of the Pagan dragon from heaven, Rev 12:4. 1. Will establish his Kingdom by binding the Catholic dragon & shutting him in the abyss, Rev 20:2-3.
2. Attained to God and His throne, Rev 12:5. 2. Will sit down with God on His throne, Rev 3:21.
3. Acquired all the kingdoms of the Roman earth 3. Will acquire all the kingdoms of this earth, Rev 11:15.
4. Ruled all the Roman nations with an iron sceptre, Rev 12:5. 4. Will rule all nations with an iron sceptre, Rev 19:15.
5. The Catholic clergy shared with the typical Michael the glory, honour and power of his kingdom. 5. The faithful will share with Christ the glory, honour and power of His Kingdom, Rev 3:21.
6. After his birth of the unprivileged and persecuted woman, the sun clothed Catholic church became the spouse of the typical Michael. 6. The glorious faithful, the saints become the married wife or bride adorned for her husband, Christ, Rev 21:2,9.
7. The power of God was with Constantine in measure. 7. Has the power of God without measure.
8. Established a new religion – Catholic. 8. Will establish a new system of worship for all nations, in the millennium.
9. Established a new administration of affairs. 9. Will establish the new government of the world.
10. He built a new capital, Constantinople, or new Rome. 10. Jesus will establish a new capital in Jerusalem.