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Ravens are described as being a “kind” or hebrew idea of “portion”  Lev 11;15; Deut 14:4 and as such represent a type of thinking or activity.  Prescribed as being unclean, the raven was placed alongside many other birds of prey and eaters of the dead. It is interesting to note that no provision was to be made for continuing remembrance for the dead by cutting of the flesh Deut 14:1, a feature later found in the contest of the prophets of Baal on mount Carmel 1Kings 18:28, immediately after the feeding of Elijah by ravens 1Kings 17:4 and a behaviour of the raven in stripping the flesh, and in particular the eyes, Prov 30:17.

A bird that goes “to and fro” through the earth Gen 8:7 like the opposing force of spiritual house of Job Job 1:7; 2:2 an avid association with the affairs and dealings of the merchant, whose keen observation of value would lead to making a “killing” by transport of goods. The raven wanders in this fashion in search of meat, unaware of the care and provision of deity  Job 38:41; Luke 12:24. The raven was not admitted again into the ark, whereas the dove was Gen 8:8. The dove found no rest for her feet, whereas it is implied that the raven found rest in an arena filled with carrion. This idea of selfish glutenous interest is continued in the english idea of “ravening” and described the inward motivation of personal greed within the Pharisee, who on the outside appeared clean Luke 11:39.

Men were designed to have dominion over the fowls of the air, and to place all things under their feet Gen 1:27; Ps 8:6. This personal dominion was demonstrated both nationally and militarily in the contest of Goliath who vowed to give David to the fowls of the air 1Sam 17:44 but in this contest, the demonstration of the power of deity was paramount, and was more than able to demonstrate His source of real dominion 1Sam 17:46.  The conquest of this dominion comes from a participation with deity. This was first demonstrated in Abraham who frayed the birds from an animal sacrifice Gen 15:11, but required the actions of Yahweh who completed the sacrifice while Abraham was asleep 15:12. This is the fundamental key to the provision of God for the needs of men: while asking for participation through a belief in the process, God provides a method that achieves His goals when men are demonstrated to be dependent and grateful for His provision. Israel as a nation refuted this covenant relationship Jer  34:17-22 and so were given over to the “fowls” at the time of Nebuchadnezzar; Jer 9:22 and later to the romans in AD70; Deut 28:26, and no man would fray them away Zech 1:2.

The raven most avidly represents a system which seeks to destroy covenants. The hebrew word for raven in Oreb, and is used as a proper noun for the leader of conquest against the people of God in the time of Gideon Judges 7:25; 8:3. Oreb became a representative leader when other leaders in their actions similar to their forebear are described as “like” Oreb  when they seek to take the house of God for their possession, Ps 83:11. But they are to become like stubble before the wind to demonstrate that only Yahweh is the most high with dominion over all the earth Ps 83:13,18. The dispersal of chaff is a feature of Armageddon where the chaff of the summer threshing-floor is dispersed by strong winds Dan 2:35. Armageddon itself carrying the idea of “sheaves” in a valley for judgment or threshing Rev 16:15. The time of barley harvest was demonstrated in the time of Gideon by a blown barley cake Judges 7:13. The process of the later day conquest was typically described in the prior events of the Assyrian overthrow and the slaughter of Midian at the rock of Oreb Isa 10:26. Both the overthrow of the Assyrian and the latter day Assyrian will be a time when Yahweh “lops the bough in terror and the high ones of stature are hewn down, and the proud humbled” Isa 10:33,34; Micah 5:5 there will be no place for every foul spirit and unclean and hateful bird Rev 18:2.

Following this area of international disaster, there will be provision for all nations [as represented by the unclean birds and beasts] to be accepted in worship of deity. Ravens will inhabit the previous place of destruction, and will be preserved because they “seek out of the book of Yahweh and read” Isa 34:11,16. Not one of them shall fail for Yahweh has cast a “portion” for them, and the wilderness will be glad for them  Isa 35:1. They will be converted people,while  once blind and deaf to the requirements of serving Elohim. 35:5, they will become a people whose sole desire is to say: “Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem” Isa 2:3.