El Karama is settled in the sweltering valley of Jordan, this town became infamous as the home-town for Yassar Arafat a terrorising champion of the Palestinians. The house of his family is still visible standing to the southeast of the village itself on the foothills of the valley. Palestinians are not Philistines. They originate not from the coastal strip in Israel, but were at the best a group of Arabic peoples who settled in the same area. The mosque illustrated above was used for target practice by the Israelis in the 1967 war, with only one of the four minarets left standing

Just to the south of this village is the rocky outcrops of the northern margins of the kirkar, the circle of the Jordan, and the biblical location of Beth Nimrah, the house of the leopards/panthers, or house of still waters (1)  Num 32:36; Josh 13:27.  The village given to the tribe of Gad, whose inheritance extended northward to the base of the sea of Chinnereth (Heb. harp, after the shape of the sea of Galilee) Josh 13:27.  The name of Bethnimrah is preserved in tel-Nimrah and the nahr (river) Nimrin the lower end of the wadi (valley) Shoiab running from es-Salt, with some suggestion of the location at the adjacent tel Bleibil. The remarkable feature of this location is the only spring water in a water-table that is not penetrated until significantly further north, where most of the country is laced by relics of ancient roman aqueducts moving ground water.

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