Eshtaol was within the inheritance of Judah Josh 15:33,  and described as being in the valley. Eshtaol was one of the boundaries of the inheritance of Dan  in which the movement of Samson under the spirit was to move Josh 19:41; Judges 13:25. This spirit was the desire of Samson to obtain inheritance. This was a spiritual concept of obtaining not only land, but a peace with his Elohim. He was buried in this boundary, awaiting resurrection, Judges 16:31; Heb 11:32,39,40.

The tribe of Dan, not content with engaging in a personal struggle with the challenges of inheritance, were to leave this very location to establish apostacy in the northern boundaries of the land Judges 18:2,8,11, an apostacy that was present in the days of Jeroboam, so there was no need for him to find apostate priests there, as the men from Dan, (seeking an alternate and fulfilling source of atonement) had created a spiritual legacy in the town see 1 Kings 12:32.

Zorah is 3km to the southwest of Eshtaol and its name means hornet.  Hornets represented not only insects, but the force of the divine spirit that would drive out the inhabitants without personal loss to Israel. Ex 23:28 Deut 7:20; Josh 24:12 The word comes from a root meaning to strike down, and is used extensively of the disease of leprosy. Eshtaol comes from a root word meaning to request, or even the stronger idea of to beg, and represents the men who not only look for, but haste unto the coming of the Lord 2 Peter 3:12, a direct contrast to those of Dan who say nothing has changed since the fathers commenced the task of occupying the land, 2 Peter 3:4.

Zorah and Eshtaol were the places where spies were to be sent out Judges 18:2. Not content with the faithful assessment of the local area, the Danites sent men of valour to find a place with less struggle.  The work of Samson to find inheritance was a greater struggle. Represented in his life as a Nazarite his obtaining inheritance came through struggle and finally giving away of his own life. Deity would engage with such a struggle of faith, and demands that we engage in such a manner.

Eshtaol stands on the margins of the valley towards Jerusalem. It demonstrates the method to which we will enter the inheritance of faith.,35.001969&spn=0.022764,0.068493&t=h&z=15&vpsrc=0