I am giving all my readers a free trip, without the risk of personal injury to the Iraq national museum! Not really, google has just released a virtual tour of the national museum in Iraq and can be visited here: http://google-latlong.blogspot.com/2011/08/journey-to-bring-iraqs-national-museum.html

and a presentation of the museum here: http://www.virtualmuseumiraq.cnr.it/homeENG.htm

The museum was established by British traveller Gertrude Bell, and opened in 1926 shortly after her death. Because of its association with the British, the exhibits are thankfully labelled in both english and arabic! It’s location next to the land of Mesopotamia has led to vast treasures of the area being housed here. During the war of 2003f there was considerable looting of the museum, and a number of artefacts have been lost.

The artefacts are considerable, including spectacular  Assyrian marbles from Nimrud and remains from Khorsabad. amongst the more unique exhibits is the Baghdad battery, a vessel thought to have been able to hold an electrical charge and over 2300 years old!