One of the nicest things I have ever done is sleep under the breezes in Jerusalem. In fact I have done it a number of times now, and on one occasion all the others with me cleared out! (wimps!), I suppose the driving rain was a little too much for them. This is the view from my bed on that night. It was under such a sky that following the return from the battle with the hordes of Chedorlaomer that Abram was see the vision of Genesis 15. Having spent the previous day speaking with Melchizedek and fraying the animals from the sacrifice, the exhausted Abram fell to sleep. God was to take care of the animals that evening until the lamp of salvation passed through the pieces and the arrangement was ratified. Yahweh Himself was to demonstrate the power of creating the arrangements for the new family of Abram, where sin would be taken away. Earlier in the night Abram was encouraged to look to skies for an indication of the extent of his family, and he believed that Yahweh could achieve this. Thus Abram would be declared right, without works Rom 4.

Looking from the road to Bethany towards Jerusalem, this would have been the view for Christ during his last days at Jerusalem, Luke 21:37.  Here too, like his Father was looking for faith within the people of Abraham. Seeing a fig tree Jesus had looked for fruit, and found none. Like the green tree, and a plastered house, the nation was corrupt within. When Judas left the supper in Jerusalem it was night, John 13:30. This was their power, and the time of their power. This was the time to make and end of sins, filling up the iniquity of their fathers, the fullness of time, but also a time to bring in everlasting righteousness.

Zechariah also saw the fortunes of his people during the night at Jerusalem Zech 1:8,16, that Deity had returned to his people after their captivity in Babylon. Such was the tremendous mercy of our God that he could accept them again after their apostacy. and a great comfort to ourselves that God will continue to work with His people. The time of the night will shortly be over for Jerusalem when the words of Zechariah will be heard: Who art thou O great mountain, before Yahweh thou shalt become a plain. Sin in all it’s forms will be taken away, and an everlasting epoch of satisfying gratitude will fill the earth to the honour of the strong One that has achieved it.,35.242724&spn=0.01089,0.034246&t=h&z=16