Recent discussions have been floated to the origins of a small golden bell found in a drain at Jerusalem. Some consider the possibility that is was from the hem of the priest’s garments.  I thought it rather interesting to hear the noise this ancient bell made, and can be heard here:

The daughter of Caleb was named after such a bell Judges 1:12,13 Josh 15:15,16: Achsah means anklet, from a root meaning to tinkle, as a bell moving see Isa 3:16-18 [cf also 1Chron 2:49] and represented the noise of the high priest active within the holy place.  The intention of the bell was teaching Ex 28:15 so during his ministry in the holy place he was acknowledged to be active, and so did not die! This gives and insight into the nature of God’s work: it is both active and positive! The character of the priests robes were seen in the life of Achsah in her “coming in” YLit Josh 15:18  Her coming in was the action that moved Caleb: “persuaded” NASB “urged” RSV. A figure of the accomplishment of tasks like her father, who was given strength to go out and come in Josh 14:11 [A remarkable strength in an older man to take on the great challenges of taking on the giants of Kirjatharba] So the work of Achsah as a representative of the ecclesia was seen as a faithful priest in her service. It should also be noted that when 2 carried (Joshua and Caleb) the grapes from Eschol, that there were also pomegranates! Num 13:23 and their feet were also used for teaching Num 15:38-41 These bells I believe give a clue to the nature of Caleb. He was almost an unseen man, never demanding, but achieving enormous things for the benefit for others: encouraging Judah to take their inheritance, encouraging Judah to help Simeon, taking Hebron and then giving it to the family of the high priest for the benefit of the nation.

The bell then has a tremendous biblical tradition of the care for others, and probably implied in the beautiful feet that bring the glad tidings of atonement achieved! Isa 52:7 and paradoxically announced in the coming out of John from the holy place being dumb.

A description of the bell can be read here: