Borders reflect the men that inhabit the land Mal 1:4 This was not diferent for the tribe of Judah. The border of the land of Benjamin and Judah passed here Josh 15:7 The detail of the border is interesting. The border went up in the direction of Debir (the breathed out word) leaving the valley of Achor (once the place of trouble, but now the entrance of hope) having vision from Gilgal (the place of rolling away of the natural man to be a son of God) that is the in the going up of the way of Adunnim (bloods, not only the blood of Christ, but those who join in his conquests) to the south side of the river to the En-shemesh (the eye/vision of the sun-rising) and the goings out (has the idea of leading, so used of “issues” of death Ps 68:20 and of life Prov 4:23) at Ain rogel. (the eye or vision of the spies)  So if the conquest of sin, the atoning blood of Christ is the very nature of the men found within the borders of Judah, this was to have it’s origins in the vision of men who spied! This without doubt is the idea of Abraham who needed to walk through the land before becoming a possessor of it. Gen 13:17,18 So on his walking to Jerusalem Christ walked along this very border. He is joined by others who were spying him out: A blind man! who after hearing the word of the passing Christ could not be contained in his earnest request for spying, or in the words of Luke “what it meant?” Luke 18:36 Another little man, climbed trees to see the messiah Luke 19:4 a distinct contrast to the Pharisee who when they saw Christ murmured at his fellowship with sinners! 19:7 Our question is how do we see Jesus?

Such was the eye of the spies! Ein/Ain comes from a hebrew root meaning the eye, and by extension the idea of welling up: hence tears (from an eye) or springing water (from a fountain). That it was the fountain of the spies is found within the story of the departing of David from Jerusalem. Two men volunteered to stay back in Jerusalem to thwart the plans of Absalom of a dangerous rapid pursuit. Their names were Ahimaaz (My brother is wrath) and Jonathon (Yahweh has given). 2Sam 17:17 This was in contrast to the next time we see Ein rogel where the men that are not invited were Nathan (gift) and Solomon (peace!) 1Kings 1:9,10

Now notice the similarities with the conquest of the land under Joshua. It highlights the need and manner of spying before the inheritance could be taken  (see the previous post on Kirjatharba) 

  • There were 2 spies at Ein-rogel 2Sam 17:17 and also at Jericho Josh 2:1
  • Both hid so they could bring back report to bolster faith 2Sam 17:17; Josh 2:1,23,24 
  • Both were saved by women: “a woman”  2Sam 17:19; Rahab Josh 2:3,4
  • Both pursued by kings servants 2Sam 17:18; Josh 2:2
  • Both looked for at the fords of Jordan and following enquiry their pursuers returned to the city 2Sam 17:20; Josh 2:7
  • Both represented a people that “cleaned passed over Jordan” 2Sam 17:22; Josh 3:17;4:1
  • The men were given information of the conditions of the city by a wench 2Sam 17:19 and by a harlot Josh 6:25
  • The men were covered by a covering and grain 2Sam 17:19 and previously by flax laid in order Josh 2:6 symbolising an offering

News of rebellion in the city was concurrent with the smiting of David by Shimei on his exit of the city, leading to a time of exlie before return to take the city as king again. These events in parallel with the movements of Christ himself, who leaving the city gives instruction to others to spy out the land giving tidings lading to his return. 

When Adonijah returns to be crowned he comes to this location. And where David sought reconciliation (the saving of life 1Kings 1:12), Adonijah slew sheep on the stone of Zoheleth which is by Ein rogel. 1kings 1:9 Zoheleth contains the idea of crawling like a serpent, the punishment for carnal animals not following instructions Gen 3:14 Spying out the possession should not be intraspective and the longterm care of others should be part of our aspirations within the company of God.

It should be noted that the location of Ein rogel sits on the kidron on it’s access to the valley that runs all the way to the Dead Sea.,35.234667&hl=en&ll=31.768985,35.234731&spn=0.002723,0.008562&sll=31.768318,35.213711&sspn=0.151844,0.256119&num=1&t=h&z=18