Charles Dickens wrote about the Colosseum: “seeing the ghost of old Rome floating over the places its people walk in“.   The coliseum was for some the place of the games, hilarity, enjoyment, a good time! The congregation of men for such good times is a long tradition, and used as a distraction for the real issues of life. It was in the time of Samson that at the climax of his struggle with his spirit that he was to bring the games down on the heads of the attending Philistines. The tradition of games was also famous in Greek times. The gymnasium was a place for not only the exercise of the physique, but also of the mind, and so the Gymnasium became legendary in the fullness of the Greek youth. Wisdom and power became pillars then, of Greek society and encapsulated in the development of the vitality of young men, particularly soldiers. Strength, Wisdom and Riches became the pillars of society, and these were glaringly displayed in this arena as well. That men should forsake normal aspirations to accept God to work in their lives was a concept as foreign as snails in the Sahara, 1Cor1; Jer 9:24.

It should be noted that it was here in this arena that numerous brothers and sisters of Christ would lose their lives, being mauled by animals, crucified, cut in pieces or burnt on stakes. Horrendous deaths in which it is hard to comprehend the fierceness of men for their common kind. But there was a greater struggle below the surface. That Nimrod was a hunter and commenced an organised system of antagonism of deity was incorporated into this arena as well. Esau in his hunting of venison followed in the same tradition, and would become in the later day represented in this same system.  The red Egyptian marble from the colosseum was taken by the popes to decorate the Vatican. The acknowledgment of this fact is deffered or refuted publically by the church. The ghosts of pagan Rome now find their place in a system that hunts for the souls of men, and robs God of the service of honest hearts.,12.491804&spn=0.003383,0.008562&t=h&z=18