The tower of Meah once stood adjacent to the Al-Omariyeh madrasah on the northern margins of the temple mount. [the tall tower to the left of the above picture]  Its location later to be occupied by the tower of Antonia, the location confirmed by the presence of the struthian (sparrows) pools under the “sisters of Zion” church and at the northern end of the temple tunnels complex. The tower of Meah is mentioned in Neh 3:2 where it marked the commencement of the work of rebuilding walls. The names carry a parable of the building of ecclesias: The power of help is through the grace of Yah (Hanniniah) from the tower of Meah (the building of ecclesias, meah heb the number 100)  to the sheep gate. So here was the grace of God extended to 100 sheep. This was the price that Jacob was to pay for the land at Shechem Gen 34, the same land mentioned Josh 24 and in Job 42, all descriptions of creating atonement for the house. The power of this is seen practically in the efforts taken to atone for others in the ecclesia in Matt 18. Leaving 99 and looking for the lost.

The pavements next the struthian pool are from the time of Aoelia Capotolina ca 135AD but confirm the presence of Roman troops near the tower of Antonia A location where Paul was to beckon with his hand in his last attempt to reconcile his brethren before being sent to Caesar.,35.234769&hl=en&ll=31.778202,35.233696&spn=0.002722,0.008562&sll=31.783226,35.229413&sspn=0.03578,0.037686&num=1&t=h&z=18