Abraham was instructed to walk through the land as a condition of his inheritance Gen 13. The same requirement was seen later by the spies who walked through the land Num 13:1f which Yahweh had already spied out for them. Ezek 20:6 It was Yahweh Himself that would go before them Deut 1:30,31,33  The spies left Kadesh Barnea and travelling as far north as the entering in of Hamath were to see the extent of the land of their inheritance, and joined Deity in His choosing a land that was perfect for their spiritual development and inheritance. It was to be a land that Yahweh delighted in. So the spies brought back tokens of the fellowship they had with Yahweh himself, [carrying between two] large bunches of grapes from Eschol. But the men of Israel did not have sufficient faith Deut 1:32 to obtain inheritance or even sufficient faith to join with Elohim in their shared passion of the land.

In Num 15:39  the Israelites were instructed to wear blue ribbands on the fringes of their garments, illustrating the borders or extent of the movement of their feet. [Similar figure represented in the blue stripes of the Israeli flag representing the Nile and the Euphrates] But this was not to be physical land that they would walk on, but the method of walking in the land represented in moral values. The manner of their walking was to be seen [heb spied] by others so they would not spy out for their own heart! But share the heart of Elohim who was walking with them Num 15:41.

Joshua and Caleb understood this concept very well, when calling the tribes together they would give instructions for seven tribes to spy their inheritance before taking it. [The other 5 tribes: 3 instructed to spy in Num 21 and Judah already spied for by Caleb, and Ephraim by Joshua in Num 13] Caleb then asks for Hebron for his inheritance. This was to be no easy task, as the city was well constructed and guarded by Giants (no doubt some of the giants referred to in Num 13) Kirjatharba (Kir city from the idea of an enclosure or guarded wall) arba the number four. Josh 15:13  The four were Anak and his three sons who represented all forms of sin that can so easily destroy faith. The lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. 1John 3:6 But when Caleb took the city the land had rest from war Josh 14:15.

The power that was with the Father of faithful was and is greater than the world 1John 4:4 The overcoming of sin is the method of inheritance Ex 34:9 and the spying of the land is the exercise of a man’s faithfulness in exploring how the word of God affects him personally. There is no greater way to appreciate the power of inheriting the values of God than to be challenged in why and how we hold onto it. The journey through the wilderness in the ecclesia is through a wilderness pitted with traps and in the shadow of death Jer 3:1-6 But throughout all the walk God holds our hand, holding us like a horse in the wilderness that we do not break our feet Isa 63:12-14,17-19.