Alexander the great passed through Byblos to siege Tyre, one of the prolonged sieges that delayed his meteoric military passage through the Middle East and beyond. Byblos is mentioned within the passage of Alexander in Zech 9:2: Hamath, Gebal (AV translates the proper noun the border thereof) Tyre and Zidon though it be very wise.  The mosaic above found at Baalbek celebrating the “divine” birth of Alexander within the lands of Lebanon

Byblos was known in biblical times as Gebal, and has the idea of borders from the exquisite stone masonry skills found here. Hiram king of Tyre was to send stone masons to build the temple of Solomon, and these men were known as Giblites or AV “stonesquarers” 1 Kings 5:18.

Sons (heb Ben) and stones (Eben) have similar meanings in scripture. Both are used to build houses, one families the other physical.

The Giblites are described in Josh 13:5 as the land of the Giblites and all the land of Lebanon. The method of inheriting righteousness (Lebanon – white rep righteousness) comes through the development of perfect stones within the building /family or ecclesia of God  The description of Gebal  is found within a chapter that has ALL the borders 13:2; ALL the land 13:3 ALL Lebanon 13:5 ALL the inhabitants 13:”6 ALL the plain 13:9 ALL the cities of Sihon 13:10 All the kingdom of Og 13:12,20; All the cities of Heshbon 13:17 All the cities of the plain 13:21 ALL the kingdom of Sihon 13;21 Thus describing the full inheritance obtained by promise was to include all the territory of the kingdoms of men, but YET TO BE POSSESSED 13:1 This land was all the areas of the devices of men including the area where God would be involved in the creation of perfect stones (eben, sons!)   [Note that stones can also be used to build altars if unshapen! that is Yahweh’s hand has been the stonesquarer! so the inheritance of the Levite was the sacrifices on the altar Josh 13:14 cf stone made without hands Dan 2:44,45]

But the wisdom and beauty of the men of Gebal was to end. God declaring that a greater wisdom and beauty is in the development of sons that are in His family and from his hands, see Ezek 27:9.,+Mount+Lebanon+Governorate,+Lebanon&hl=en&ll=34.119239,35.645785&spn=0.005276,0.017123&sll=-25.165173,135.703125&sspn=46.222061,106.962891&t=h&z=17