The crocodile finds numerous references within the Bible. In antiquity the crocodile was noted particularly with the river Nile, and hence the incorporation into its scientific name. The Crocodile thus closely associated with the major supporter of fertility of the land of Egypt, and so it is no surprise to find the god of fertility Sobek in the form of the crocodile used by the Pharaoh as the progenitor and security of the people’s agricultural fortunes. Herodotus claimed that crocodiles were kept as well-kept pets in Egypt, and examples of eggs and mummified crocodiles have been found in Egyptian tombs.

In ancient times the crocodile was also found in Lake Moeris, [thought by some to be a parallel river to the Nile in very early Egyptian history] and in river Zarka or the Jabbok of the bible!

The Pharoah himself is equated with the crocodile by Ezekiel: ” Behold I (Yahweh) am against thee Pharaoh king of Egypt”, “the great dragon” that lieth in the midst of the streams” Ezek 29:3. Heb lit lengthened animal Isa 51:9; Ps 74:13. Here the crocodile lies as if it has control of its territory, but will die with the death of its river Isa 7:18. It’s attitude is The river is my own, I have made it for myself! Ezek 29:3. But God would make the rivers to dry up under the action of Nebuchadnezzar. In figure with the drying up of the river the exposed crocodile would become meat for the beasts and fowls Ezek 29:5.