There are two things about the Gazelle of the bible. One is their movement and the other is their attachment to rocks. Both have strong lessons for us. The word for gazelle in the bible is from a root word Zvi meaning to be beautiful. It carries the idea of the movement of the goats across the cliffs in what appears to be impossible footing. So Habakkuk would say that God would do the impossible for him. After being convinced there was no inherent righteousness within himself or the nation, (a nation that he had said could not die 1:12 that  was more righteous! 1:13) that a man was not upright but justified by his faith 2:4  he then sees God at work in his life in such beautiful ways that he describes it as hinds feet walking in (God’s) His high places 3:19.

The same idea is contained within the “darling” or the beautiful one. The act of Mary in anointing Jesus’ feet is described as being a “good” work. The greek has the idea of beautiful. When our kids ask why can’t we do something, the answer is: well is it beautiful? The bride of Christ is described as being beautiful on account of her movement with the groom. It is described as the dancing movement of two companies Song 6:13 whose beautiful feet have shoes on, not taken off like Moses and Joshua, Song 7:1. These are the beautiful feet carrying the gospel of God’s involvement in life, styled the gospel of Christ Rom 10 the roe that was lifted up on the mountain of Bether (division of pieces Jer 34:1,9; Gen 15:10 3x) Song 2:17  This was the lifting up of the prince the heave offering of Dan 8:11; Ex 19:18; Deut 33:19 but described in terms of the movement of the “turning” of the feet of the roe!

The other feature of the goat is their tendency to stick close to rocks. The cliff faces provide a unique environment where the movement of the goats are at their best. Few other animals venture into the cliffs, and the agility of the feet of the goat makes them safe. We are encouraged to look to the rock from whence we are digged Isa 51:1 and the certainty and safety of being within the covenants of promise is assuring. Our God is a Rock, and the term Tzur is translated as rock.