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Much could be said about Tyre, but the most important is that Tyre is described as being the “sum of perfection” of beauty and wisdom Ezek 28:12. Men had been created with the ability to perceive and appreciate both wisdom and beauty. These were features of the tree of knowledge of good and evil to which men had reached forth their hand to grasp. Men were made in the fashion of Elohim, and as such were endowed with a capacity for divine wisdom and divine moral beauty Gen 1:26. The king of Tyre had been involved with both David and Solomon, and in his early relationship it appears had been privileged to see even the high priest in his robes for the day of atonement on his procession to worship Yahweh on the mount. The word for sum is only used twice, the other occurence where Ezekiel was encouraged to measure the “pattern”.

But Tyre had fallen from this special relationship with deity, and changed their spiritual wisdom and beauty for the accumulation of merchandise and abundance of commercial interchange (Ezek 27). Replacing the position of servant to the most high El, the king now saw himself in the position of El himself! Ezek 28:2 a political statement of his aspirations. A religious position of the same spirit seen in Rome in the one sitting in the temple of God saying that he is God 2Thess 2:4. A military position of the same spirit is seen in the language of Isa 14 where Babylon says in her heart: “I am like the most high” Isa 14:13,14. Notably written in the year that Ahaz died. Ahaz heb. “I have grasped”.

But the spirit of true believer is that of Christ, who although made in the form of Elohim, in all his remarkable wisdom and spiritual beauty, thought equality with El not a thing to be grasped at Phil 2:6,7 RSV. The parable of the Lord concerning two men praying paints the remaining picture. One would not lift his eyes to heaven, the other praying with HIMSELF said “GOD I thank thee that I am not like this man a sinner!”  Tyre gives us the urgent message to continue in our relationship with God, and that this should not be voided by our own aspirations in life. This is easier said than done, but carries with it a beautiful and satisfying reward kept in store by the Elohim for those who will reach forth their hands to eat of the tree of life.

The photographs above demonstrate the beauty and sophistication of the developments of Tyre in the region. The hand mirror to see personal beauty, the gorgeous glassware but also the gods of Tyre to who they made gods like unto themselves.

The impact of Tyre was to be considerable. The goods and services of Tyre (Heb Tzur rock, Arabic Sour) led to the name Tzurian or Tyrian to be given to the regions surrounding Lebanon. So the modern name Syria was born, [Biblical Syria is known as Aram] The same level of apostacy has been seen within the Roman church. Once the religion of Judah, with their inherent relationship to God it has now been taken into the remotest corners of the world and worship the beauty of hideous buildings on the tops of every mountain rather than the beauty of the relationship  between deity and His people.,35.20453&spn=0.020093,0.048194&t=h&z=15