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The question of whether there was Hittite influence south of their homeland in Anatolia and by implication into the land of Israel is confirmed by the presence of this altar from Northern Lebanon. Abraham had bought a field from the Hittites for a burial place at Hebron. The Hittites were a nation located much to the north with their capital located at Hattusha, modern  Bogazkoy, around 150 km east of Ankara in central Anatolia. But it is felt by some that the Hittites originated from the steppe lands much further to the east, north of the Caspian. But the fierce people of central Anatolia were connected with the Syrian Hittites having influence around Damascus in the time of David and Solomon.  This again confirming the southern Hittite interests.

Num 13:29 states that the Hittites controlled hill country in Israel, and Hebron is the notable hill country of Judea, as seen  by the journey of Mary to Elizabeth Luke 1:39.

  1. It was here at the place of the Hittite that Abraham would purchase a field for the burial of his dead. It became “an earnest of the inheritance” Eph 1:24; Gen 23:1.
  2. Abraham was to “stand” heb make stand before the people of the land. So Christ would be “lifted up” John 3:14 then he bowed himself 23:7,12. So Christ would breath out, giving the spirit, Mark 15:39.
  3. People prepared to give 23:6 but Abraham insists on payment Col 2:15 demonstrating that all the world is guilty, and only one could find the ransom Rom 3:19-31; Heb 9:24; Job 33:23,24.
  4. In the place of the tomb was a field, trees who represent others participating in the sacrifice of Christ, John 4:35.
  5. The cost of the field was 400 shekels, the price of the whole strength of flesh as exhibited by Edom and his followers, Gen 33:1.
  6. All in the “end of the field” of the sons of Heth. The field represents the place of toil and labour and its end in death, 23:9. But the end of the week is the sabbath in which no servile labour is done, and rescue is to be found at the end of that day alone in the case of issues, childbirth, leper, Nazarites.
  7. The event was “made sure” 23:17,20 an amazing relief for you and me that there is token of the inheritance coming, that will happen for sure!