The Jezreel valley is the largest valley in Israel, and provides that largest east-west corridor from Acco on the coast to Bethshan, Tiberias and Hatzor. The via Maris, the major connecting road extending from the coasts of Egypt passes through the valley on its way to Damascus. It was inevitable then that any major force passing through the land would find their way through this valley. The alternate route was across the highland or central massif and down into the bitterly hot and humid Jordan valley, and considered a longer and more tiresome route or through the valley of Dothan to the southeast of Megiddo.

The floor of the valley is famous for significant biblical battles:

  1. At its central and western end:  The battle of Deborah and Barak, who descending from the heights of Tabor which overlook the landscape of the valley.
  2. At its central and eastern end:  the battle of the Midianites and Gideon, whose troops assembled at Ein Harod, and engaged towards Moreh
  3. At its central and eastern end:  the battle of the Philistines and Saul, with the assembling of the Philistines between the slopes of Jezreel and Moreh, and the final defeat of Saul and his sons on mount Gilboa, the south-western border of the valley
  4. At its western end: The destruction of the prophets of Baal in the brook Kishon
  5. At its south-western end: The engagement of Pharaoh Necho and Josiah at Megiddo, which marks the southwestern gateway to the valley.
  6. At its south-eastern end:  The overthrow of Jezebel and her house at Jezreel.