Belvoir, literally “Good view” is a crusade castle nestled on the edge of the Jordan valley overlooking Pella in Jordan. It’s Jewish name Kohav Star of the Jordan is the name of the Jeiwsh settlement there since roman times. It is the most intact crusader fortress still standing in Israel, and is the most startling monument of Crusader and catholic interests in the land outside of the “holy sites”  This interest will become one of the features of the invasion of Israel at Armageddon with all nations having an interest, paritcularly  in Jerusalem.

The castle was built by a french nobleman residing in Tiberias. It fell shortly after the battle of the horns of Hattin in 5 January 1189 holding out for around 18 months. There are large storerooms as illustrated above, with wide-spanned rock roofs.  It was ceded to the crusades in 1240, but then later remained in Muslim hands  known as Kawkab al Hawa meaning “Star of the Winds”

This location overlooked the movement of the escaping Midianites in the time of Gideon when the movement was from Jezreel via Bethshan into the Jordan valley to the fords. It was below this point at the fords where one of the leaders, Oreb was finally captured and slaughtered on a rock. Judges 7:24,25 This event is used as a typical portrayl of Russia in Armageddon in Isa 10:26  Oreb means raven which are known for being a scavenger see Prov 30:17,35.521478&sspn=0.018801,0.032015&ie=UTF8&t=h&ll=32.596324,35.528026&spn=0.009039,0.025706&z=15&output=embed
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