The god pan, leads other gods within the woods with his “pan”pipes.  <Athens national museum>  This mythic leader of insurrection and apostacy formed the concept of pandemonium and mayhem. All the demons had gone wild!  This was the alternate name given to the location of Dan in northern Israel, now known as Banias, only because the Arabic tongue has problems pronouncing the letter “p”.  The name is appropriate, for it was at Dan that apostacy was to form early after the conquest of the land by the Israelites with an apostate Levi forming a house of idolatry here.  It should be noted that this apostacy was to become deep-seated, for in the time of Jeroboam’s revolt taking the ten tribes into apostacy from worship in Jerusalem, there was no allocation of priests for the northen altar, because the priests had continued from the time of the Judges!

The location changed name numerous times, with the forming of a religious shrine site at the cliffs of Caesarea Phillipi where a cave allows spring water to form one of the four heads of the Jordan river. In 3BC Phillip II founded the city Paneas as the administrative centre for tetrarchy of Batanaea which covered the Golan heights and the Hauran. In 14AD Phillip II called it Caesarea Phllipi in honour of Augustus Caesar, with commemorative coins minted in 29/30 AD. [It was called Caesarea Phillipi to distinguish it from Caesarea Maritima on the coast see Josephus Flavius Antiquities of the Jews 18.2.1 ]

It was here that the Lord came with his disciples, and asking a telling question: “who do you say that I am?” Peter’s answer defined the influence of deity in the life of believers, and formed the basis of the establishment of ecclesias. “You are the son of Living El” the power of deity expressed in activity and sentiment.  The gods directed by pan, more fully unleashed from the time of the French revolution in evil spirits, attempt to take away the power of belief in the presence and action of deity in the life of believers. The sad and natural course of the god Pan is that once the door is open, all the other effects and complications of sin plague faithful men, and complicate life with progressive disaster. [eg Abraham in Gen 12, Lot in Gen 13,  David in 2Sam 11]