Rising to the north of Corinth was the Acrocorinth (short for Acropolis-corinth or upper city of Corinth) It is considered the most remarkable acropolis within Greece. The upper city was infamousy renowned for it’s temple and the associated temple prostitutes. The temple was built adjacent to a spring (upper Pirene spring) where legend has Zeus lay with Aegina.[the rival god to Athena] Sexual promiscurity and interaction was profound here, heightened by the arrival at the ports of Corinth by numerous sailors. This led to a longstanding problem within the Corinthian ecclesia of immorality.

Another greek legend had a conflict between Posiedon (greek god of the sea) and Helios  (also known as Apollo) over the ownership of the isthmus of Corinth. It was resolved with Posiedon owning the isthmus, and Apollo the Acrocorinth. This may have led to the background of the language used by Paul regarding the division within the ecclesia between Apollos (given by Apollo) and Cephas (rock). 1Cor 1:11-13; 3:21