Riblah is the end of the line! This was one of the points describing the limits of the land of inheritance Num 34:11 Its name  meaning fertility or fruitfulness well describes the location for the vegetation was magnificent. There were groves of fruit trees, and large paddocks of well growing produce.

It is interesting to note there were two captivities at Riblah, first the Egyptian and then the Babylon:

Here Jehoahaz was to be put in chains for his breach of covenants with Pharoah Necho who encamps here after the rout of the Babylonians at Charchemish 2 Kings 23:29-35; 25:6, 20, 21; Jer. 39:5; 52:10 Eliakim the son of Josiah has his name is changed by the Egyptian to Jehoicahin and then placed on the throne, with the nation placed under tribute. The tribute that was requested was 100 talents of silver, the cost of the redemption of the whole ecclesia, [See Gen 33:19; 26:12; and described as a “certain sum” Acts 7:16] and one talent of Gold, the value of personal faith. Jehoahaz had a personal responsibility to lead the nation, and in failing this created disaster for the ecclesia. And when the tribute was requested, it was exacted out of each person of the land. The language is interesting here, it was to be “Exacted” the same word translated as “Taskmaster” Ex 3:7; 5:6; 10,13.14 The king of Israel became like the Pharoah! Under the law of release, loans were to be forgiven and not exacted Deut 15:2,3 this law not being observed Isa 3:5,12!  In the future there will be no more exactors Isa 14:2; Zech 9:18. His first action was to kill the prophets 2Kings 23:35 and looks for Urijah and Jeremiah.

This was the point of Judgment by Nebuchadnezzar for Mataniah whose name had been changed by the Babylonian king to Zedekiah 2Kings 24:17 This was the last king of Judah Ezek 21:25 for it was here that the sons of Zedekiah were killed, and the king’s eyes were plucked out before being sent in chains to Babylon Jer 52:9,10; 2Kings 25:21 Zedekiah should have seen the lessons of Jehoahaz, for all the same things were to happen to him.

LESSON Riblah is described as Riblah in the land of Hamath (heb fortress from a root meaning to be walled!) 2Kings 23:33  This was a picture of the ecclesia which was walled to separate men to spiritual fruitfulness Isa 5. But when breeches are made, men become entrapped by sin, blindness follows with certain death in bonds, and there is no escape. Dont make space for sin in ecclesial life!