Akkadian Rasappa, the biblical Rezeph (Heb a hot stone) also later known as Sergiopolis must be one of the most remarkable places I have ever visited. Arriving from the north through an almost lunar landscape of scattered shales and loose gravel is a complete town with magnificent stone architectural elements as illustrated.  With the walls are what must be at least houses for upwards of 20,000 people. Large cisterns that were both deep and capacious were seen on the northern end of the city. The walls stood around 30-40 feet tall and wide enough for 4-5 people to walk next to each other. The town must have been even more magnificent in the times of Senacherib, as this town was given as an example of the ability of Assyria to overun the best defended locations.  Isa 37:12; 2Kings 19:12

The influence of the gods of Reseph must have been well known, as we saw a grove and temple to Reseph at Byblos (biblical Gebal) recently.

LESSON: Dont always think that your world will stay the same! This must have been the most reliable place to live until Sennacherib turned the world upside down. The greatest defences in the world are a faith in God. This cannot be moved with the change of our world.