Elisha was born at AbelMeholah, the meadow of dancing. 1Kings 19:16

Mentioned in the description of Solomon’s administrative distrcts. 1Kings 4:12 Aharoni (Land of the Bible pg 278) suggests the verse should read: “Tanaach and Megiddo and all Bethshan beneath Jezreel, from Bethshan to Abel-meholah, the place beyond Jokneam by Zartaneh. Zoarataneh or Zaretan is the mound or tel Emmm Hammad of Josh 3:16. And it just south of the mound where this photograph is taken. Zaretan was the place of creating vessels by Solomon in the clay, a figurative illustration of baptism and the creation of new creatures or spiritual men. And it was indeed a new start for Elisha as well. 

Elijah was looking for judgment on those who would not hear the word of God, and it was both Hazael and Elisha the son of Shaphat (Judgment) that would execute this. But the spirit of Elisha was not of judgment against, but standing for the opressed, or finding judgment for faithful as well. Elisha did not have to slay anyone that Jehu missed! 1Kings 19:17  Elisha was found ploughing with 12 oxen, a fitting symbol of the missing leadership in Israel, and Elisha was with the twelfth, that is the last in line, looking and guiding others to guide in front of him.

That he had 12 oxen tells us something about Elisha: 1) He was wealthy 2) Capable of handling large group of oxen [no esy task] 3) Willing to personally engage when wealthy enough to pay others to do his work for him (So was James and John) 4) He was with the last, so the others were willing to take direction from him, and the direction was accepted. So engaged with support but was not visible.  Elijah then passes bycasting his mantle. He was like the character of his God who passed by in the cave 19:11, and He thought that the shear power of deity would be passed. Elisha had no option to contest the passage of the mantle, a symbol of the passing of the prophet’s office. After kissing his father, (a symbol of respect for the covenants of the patriarchs in the time when Israel were kissing the calves of idolatry Hosea 13:2) he takes up the task

LESSON! We dont negotiate the terms of our service to the truth. We are unprofitable servants, only doing what was expected for us to do. But in this service we should be willing, have a gentle spirit, and encourage through quiet leadership so others can forge ahead of us.

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