That Hebron is a Jewish location is probably the greatest understatement of all time, for buried here are the Patriarchs of the nation. Abraham and his wife Sarah, Isaac and his wife Rebekah, and Jacob and one of his wives, Leah, are all buried here. Gen 49:30,31 The purchase of the site for burial was undertaken after an elaborate arrangement with Ephron the Hittite, prefiguring the death of the Messiah. This site was to become for Abraham “an earnest of his inheritance until the time of purchase redemption”  Eph 1:14 and only obtained at the time of his death Gen 24:1 In figure Abraham stands up, or is lifted up in figure of John 3, then bows before the people of the land, (representing the effects of his nature finally succumbs) 23:7,12 at the time of reckoning.  People were prepared to give Abraham the plot, but Abraham insists on payment, in a similar manner to David who insists on payment for the sacrifice on Moriah. It is done in the presence or audience of the people 23:10,13,16 a figure of Christ who spoiled principalities and power making a show of them openly, triumphing over them in it Col 2:15 the tomb being then in the centre of a field (the place of all human endeavour and toil cf John 4:35) with many trees, representing all those who would follow his path in life.  Thus the borders “were made sure” Heb Quwm to make a stand. This became a sure principle that could be depended on for all time, and within a small parcel within the land to which he was a stranger, (whose borders were set from earliest times Gen 10 19) was a glimpse of a principle of overcoming the Canaanite.

It should be noted then that within the record, that Gen 24 then the establishment of a wife for Isaac, comes on the heel of the demonstrated death of Abraham as the messiah in Gen 23.