The Ummayad mosque is interesting as it marks the site of a continuing site of previous temples:

It was the temple from which the pattern of an altar was brought back  It was the temple of Hadad, the storm god, of which Baal was a replica. 2Kings 16:10f. The irony was that Ahaz sent the fashion to Urijah the priest (name meaning the light of Yah!) who had been a faithful witness Isa 8:2 but the impending darkness of the Assyrian invasion Isa 9:1,2; Matt 4:15,16  under Tiglath Pilleser II was too great.  The king now takes precedence over the priest, so he sees the altar, he approaches and he offers 2Kings 16:12. It is then significant that the feet were cut off from the great sea, and it found it’s place on the ground! As there was no bearing of the need for purity, cleanliness or holiness, bad prinicple would lead to bad practice. The kings entry was turned from the house of Yahweh toward the king of Assyria. In modern parly: “Garbage in, Garbage out!”

Hadad was depicted as a stout little fellow holding arrows in his hand. To have the title BenHadad was to be known as son of God! A title honoured throughout history by empire’s greatest, such as Alexander, Nebuchadnezzar and Titus.

It became the temple of Jupiter which contains Herodian ashlars. Some of the ancient roman remnants are still visible on the western end of the souk before entering into the Mosque.

Also interesting is the tattoes on the hands and faces of the Iraqis at the mosque. This was a feature of the nations prohibited in the nation of Israel Lev 19:28 and particularly in the priests Lev 21:5 It was based on an Egyptian tradition of the face markings and the backs of the hands of Priests depicting Amuets. LAter seen in 1Kings 18:28 and spiritually within the mark of the beast Rev 14:8