This was the mountains of Abarim, the place of journeyings, and was best remebered for the ascent of Mt Nebo by Moses at the end of his life.  Numbers 23:14; 27:12; 21:20; 32:47; Deut 3:27; 34:1; 32:49   The mountains then represented all of his life, and found him at his death with perfect vision of the inheritance given to the Patriarchs, and his inclusion within it. [A contrast to the Ijebarim, the ruins of the journey Num 21:11]  Abar is the root word for the word Hebrew, and illustrates the nature of the journey of “crossing over” traditional understood for the meaning of the word. Abraham was a hebrew as he developed within the journeyings of his life. Gen 14:13

Near this range will be the place of the passengers (Abraim) Ezek 39:11f   This is the place to contemplate the nature of our journey. It is the place to bury our personal multitudes of gog, and it  is time to stop the (noses) mouths. To stop is translated as muzzle in Deut 25:4 and indicates the divine need to stop personal interests before entry to worship in the millenium.   [see also Ps 107:42; Rom 3:19, Ps 63:11; Job 5:16; Isa 33:8,21]

LESSON: Today is the time to make choices on where our journeys are. We dont want to be buried with Gog!