The arch of Titus celebrates the victory of the sacking of Jerusalem. It demonstrates within it’s reliefs the carriage of the sacred items from Herod’s temple, including most famously the menorah. The inscription reads: “The Roman Senate and People (dedicate this) to the divine Titus Vespasianus Augustus, son of the divine Vespasian”

The arch created a tradition of celebrating victory, and similar arches are seen such as Constantines arch in Rome, the Arc di Triomphe in Paris.

But what in triumph for Rome, was the sad demise of the truth amongst the people of God. This was clearly predicted within the scriptures with the intention of Deity to use such an event to spread the truth to gentile people and in turn create jealousy within Israel for their benefits being shared. Deut 32. The captivity was to be undertaken by a people who came from the end of the earth, coming as swift as the eagle (a symbol of Rome),  whose tongue could not be understood. (No two lnaugages are more diverse than Hebrew and Latin)  Deut 28:49 Rome would beseige until the high and fenced walls come down in whom Israel trusted Deut 28:52

This would come because Yahweh had seen a sinful nation, and would destroy it Amos 9:8 sifting the house of Israel among all nations Amos 9:9 cited in the time of AD70 in Luke 22:31

The events in parable were prefigured in the conquest of Hazael 2Chron 24 and prefigured in the parables of Christ.

AD70 would represent the final stages of the inspection of a leprous house. Lev 14:43-47 with not one stone remaining upon another. Luke 19:44  This was all because the frank disregard for the spirit of Judah’s relationship with God. They would swear falsely and steal causing their house to be carried away into the land of Shinar Zech 5:3 Christ wept over the city because of continuing leprousy, and God had given opportunity for reform. The lesson of this arch is that no individual stone is indespensible in the divine purpose. Matt 3:9; Luke 19:40 because individual stones can be replaced. Leprosy is an issue of the heart 1Kings 8:37,38,12.488531&sspn=0.003366,0.006528&ie=UTF8&ll=41.890776,12.488558&spn=0.003366,0.006528&t=h&z=18