This is the entrance into Edom. The distant horizon is the end of the valley of Salt and the commencement of Wadi Hasa, or the biblical brook Zered. The ruins of Bozrah stand behind us in this photograph

Bosrah stood to the south of Teman and Selah to guard the entry into the pasturelands of central Edom. This was once (alongside the mutton kings of Moab) a virile productive grazing land, with Bozrah known for its sheep. The denuded landscape can be blamed on “goats and guns:” the impact of taking any sizable timber of sleepers for the Hejaz railway to the east, and the indescriminate grazing of large herds of untamable goats.

Bosrah represents the proud accomplishments of Edom, who sought personal acheivement outside of the realm of the ecclesia. This accomplishment was in teaching/wisdom, prowess on the battle field, and monetary gain, all the personal acheivements that are meaningless beside the wisdom gained in divine experience. Jer 9:24