Barada Gorge, western Syria.

Genesis 14 is a chapter about valleys. There is the king’s dale, the vale of Siddim and the valley of Horbah (Barada Gorge) on the left hand of Damascus. Horbah means hiding place. But there was to be no hiding from the divinely directed wrath of Abraham’s 318.

There is no doubt this is not by mistake. The events of the chapter figure the greatest challenges in life, for the kings of cities of the plain,  Lot, and Chedalaomer and his host. The greatest challenges for Abraham are presented in the next chapter where faced with the personal challenges of the carnal origins of sin, and the provision of a seed that would overcome these challenges.  God provides the answer by Himself. [Abraham being asleep] and to his credit, accepts with absolute confidence that God could acheive this for him! This belief makes him the father of all men who believe with the same confidence that God can acheive this end.

The chapter then becomes the basis of the prophecy of Daniel where the provision of everlasting righteousness is addressed, and those associated with this will be presented as stars in the heavens for ever, in a kingdom that will not be left for other people!

The chapter then prefigures prophetically the events of Armageddon, and the establishment of a kingdom of the people of the saints. Chedalaomer [a heap of sheaves] is destroyed in a valley [gai] and at Dan [judgment] all the features of Rev 16:16 All the uncleann spirits of rebellion to the church established at the french revolution are seen in 13 years of not paying tribute to the house of Babylon, and results in the invasion of the house of Lot (veiled, representing natural Israel in their relation to their messiah)

Watch out! The Messiah is coming to change our world, there is no time for complacency in a world filled with fraternity, liberty and equality

Standing on the top of the steep gorge that leads out of Damascus to the border of Lebanon.  Interestingly at the closing of WWII the Australians also successfully routed the Turkish army here from this ridge, decimating the fleeing column with well directed machine-gun fire,36.091461&spn=0.021414,0.052228&t=h&z=15&iwloc=0004770c13c9d16c6f669