The tel of ancient Collosae sits in the Lycus valley, close to modern village of Honuz east of the regional centre at Denizli. The city is  not far from two other biblical cities; Hierapolis and Laodicea to the west. The Lycus river travels west from here and after joining the Meander river empties into the Agean close to Miletus. Mt Honaz overlook the tel with their snow-capped peaks

The city was apparently destroyed by an earthquake around AD60. Eusebius mentions an eartquake in 10th yr of Nero ca64, [Chron Olymp 210.4] and Tacitus in the 7th year ca59 [annals 14.27]. The city is located on the SE corner of the major fault line in the area, and so the devestation of the city was most likely severe. The effects of the earthquakes in the area have led to geographical features such as the hot springs of Parmakulle, and the Plutonium of Apollo.

The river to the north of the tel is cold, very cold! The melting snows from the adjacent ranges flow through this river to join the Lycus. The refreshing nature of the stream is no doubt part of the rebuttal of Laodaecia who was luke warm, and neither hot (like adjacent Hierapolis) or cold like this stream Rev 3:15,29.260712&spn=0.019296,0.038366&z=15