This is the arabah, a howling, windy expanse. These winds were used by the bronze production facilities of Solomon near Eilat who harnesed the winds through channeled rooms, later to be called the Besemer principle “discovered” in Germany in the 1800’s. The valley floor is the extention of the great rift below the Dead Sea, and although emptying at Eilat /Aqaba continues geologically into the great rift valley that punctuates deep into Africa. It was around here that the children of Israel passed the borders of Edom, (the red cliffs seen in the distance) before the events at Punon, only around 10 km from where this photograph was taken

Scripturally this area was a barometer of the spiritual health of the nation. When Judah had dominance over the Edomites, then there was control of the mines by Judah and vice-versa. Brass and bronze products were the international comodity of the time, so Solomon’s enterpise in distributing brass from Ezion-geber/Eilat was paramount to international monetary control or an international stock exchange.

The most encouraging thing about the Arabah is that this is the site of the movement of Christ and the saints described in Ps 68:4 as riding upon the heavens (heb arabah) on the collective journey after the judgment seat at Sinai to the taking of inheritance.,21.049804&sspn=13.394961,54.931641&ie=UTF8&ll=30.498384,35.334778&spn=0.175718,0.417824&t=h&z=12