Here is the hand of Nebuchadnezzar himself! At the time of the destruction of Jerusalem he was personally encamped at Riblah, and the recalcitrant Zedekiah was dragged before him, and after seeing his sons killed, his eyes were taken out at the end of a sharp arrow and he was sent into captivity into Babylon.  The lush and tranquil landscape of Riblah lies to the east of the northern end of the Beqa. (Beqa in arabic meaning valley, and is the name used of the great fertile divide between the Lebanese and antilebanese ranges) And not far across the valley, perhaps 10 km there is a small winding valley, wadi Barissa that pushes into the heartlands of the northern Lebanese range, and it’s highest point known in biblical terms as Mt Hor  (Not to be confused with Mt Hor where Aaron died)

Within the walls of the valley and facing each other about 30 metres apart are two inscriptions demanding respect for what was then the king of the world. But it was God that had set whosoever he would over the kingdom of men (Dan4) and would use this ambitious man to punish his people Judah, to take vengance on Tyre for their opportunistic and spiteful use of Judah’s calamity and then other nations such as Edom. He would in fact be bogged down in Tyre for 13 years, for which effort the divine oversight would describe the conquest of Egypt’s riches his wages.  Such was the extent of the seige on Tyre that Paelotyre (the old city) would be scraped clean as a rock.