I’m not a big one for churches, but this one is worth a mention:

The church of all saints is located at the foot of the mount of Olives overlooking the cemetry in the Kidron valley, and just down the hill from Gethsemane. The interesting feature of this church is that it will be very soon broken in pieces by an earthquake. The fault line of the mount of Olives runs very close to the middle of this church!

Earthquakes were a feature surrounding political changes in the past:

 Preceeding the captivity of Israel into Assyria, the prophet Amos would prophecy 2 years before the great earthquake that was remembered 180 years later! But not only the earthquake was remembered, but also the fleeing from the earthquake. Earthquake language peppers the prophecy of Amos as a pretext to the great civil changes for the northern 10 tribes, and it’s climax seen in Amos 9:1 where Yahweh stands on the altar and the lintel and door posts (language of passover) would be smitten. There would be no further opportunity for forgiveness, but the calamaity falling the Egyptians would be felt by the tribes of the north

At the death of Christ earthquake marked the wrath of diety at the treatment of his son, and the announcement of his ressurection

At the time of Apostles there were numerous earthquakes, including two giving release from prison. These would climax at the political change in AD70

Earthquakes have been frequent recently, and point to the imminent changes expected in the earth, when men shall flee to the mountains, and to the rocks at the time when the Lord shall shake terribly the earth.

Haggai the prophet spoke of shaking pointing to the time of establishing new covenants. Christ’s feet will soon be on the mount of Olives, and the earth shall shake at his presence Ps 68 and the ugly principles and practices of idolatry will once again be removed from the mount of corruption.